Teacher Testimonial

Smarticle English acknowledges and attends to the needs and the unique learning styles of each student in a small class setting. Working for Smarticle and witnessing first hand the attention placed on each of their students and the quality of education provided makes me confident that students at Smarticle are receiving among the best education available. I am truly lucky to be working at an organization that places the needs of the child first.

-Katie Shull, Native English Teacher and Co-Curriculum Director
I love that Smarticle English teachers are trained on not only what to teach, but HOW to teach in order to captivate students and enhance their learning experience. The curriculum and lessons at Smarticle English are created in order to show your child that learning can be fun and that everyone can succeed!

-Chelsea Werth, Native English Teacher and Co-Curriculum Director
The boys really enjoy your class and I love all the craft work (which is fun, simple and age-appropriate) they bring home!

--Ms. Lee
I am very impressed with the work you and Katie are doing (highly energized and in a fun way)!

--Giso's Dad
Thank you so much for the detailed review I truly appreciate this as I get to know exactly how the boys have been doing in your class. You’re already covering all the things I wish to focus on. • letter recognition • letter sounds • letter sequence • vocabulary • listening • building confidence

--Justin and Julian's Mom
They are really happy and they want to come everyday! Lola and Andrea are very happy to learn English with you.

After 8 Classes we are happy to see him being able to read simple words and enjoying reading!

--Dylan's Mom
Katie’s ability to connect and relate to all students allows her to connect well with students and to present information in a way that is easily understood. Students and families love her personality and are able to relate to her very well. Her ratings have always been outstanding.

It is with great pleasure that I write to you about Katie Shull and the work she has done. Katie’s ability to communicate with parents and engage all students in activities makes her an invaluable resource.

In my experience with Katie, I have had the opportunity to observe many exceptional qualities and skills such as great leadership skills, organizational skills and classroom management skills. Katie is excellent at building rapport with students, keeping them engaged and motivated.

Chelsea’s passion for teaching creates a learning environment where students are excited to come to learn. Her excitement for education is absorbed by her students and shows through their work.

I have seen how Chelsea’s uniquely designed lessons create for a fun and captivating classroom. Her students really benefit from the way she addresses their individual needs and the class as a whole.

- Lee