• class_001

    Fun Phonics

    Our phonics courses are derived from some of the best curriculum, including Jolly Phonics and Letterland. The courses will include interactive songs, activities, stories, flashcards, and task sheets in an effort to improve pronunciation and engage students in their learning.
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  • class_002-1

    Smart Readers

    Provides a foundation in reading that enhances student’s vocabulary, introduces reading comprehension, and emphasizes creativity and a love for reading.
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  • class_003

    Young Writers

    Our Young Writers courses focus on developing writing skills in an engaging way, while also improving oral and reading skills. Students will have the opportunity to be creative while also employing new technical writing skills necessary in all forms of writing.
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  • class_004

    Trinity GESE (Gr. 1-12)

    Our Trinity courses prepare students in conversational English on a range of topics for the graded Trinity College London examinations.
    ★     vocabulary and grammar ★     speaking and listening ★     familiar with the rules and procedures of the exam
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  • class_005-1

    Smarticle Drama

    Our Smarticle Drama courses prepare students with the skills needed to perform in a short play with their peers. At the end of the course, students will perform this play in front of their family, friends and peers.
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  • class_006-1

    Interview Prep

    This course exposes students of all ages to questions, scenarios and vocabulary they may encounter in a school interview.
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  • class_007

    Poetry Competition

    This course prepares students for their local poetry competitions.
    ★     poetry analysis ★     projection and pronunciation ★     basic acting techniques  
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  • class_008-1

    Private Tutorials

    We offer individual classes, tailor-made to the student’s needs and to ensure that their objectives are met.
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  • class_009

    Homework Help

    This course is designed to assist individual students with their homework or any school subjects.
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  • class_010

    Great Grammar (Written and Spoken)

    Students will learn
    ★      foundational grammar rules   ★      verb tenses   ★      punctuation and spelling  
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